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1. Account Administration

Learn to manage your online account.

2. Eligibility Updated!

Learn how to check eligibility online.

3. Benefit Lookup Tool

Learn to research covered benefits and check referral/authorization and medical review requirements for specific codes.

4. Online Referral/Authorization Submission

Choose from three website demonstrations on online referral/authorization submission: Outpatient, Inpatient Notification, and Behavioral Health.

     Practice it!

Practice what you learned in the Online/Referral/Authorization Submission demonstration with this guided practice scenario.

5. Online Referral/Authorization Status

Learn how to check the status of a referral or authorization online.

6. Online Claims Submission Updated!

Choose from two website demonstrations on submitting claims online: CMS-1450/UB-04 and CMS-1500, or access a tips sheet on submitting corrected, replacement, and void/cancelled claims.

7. Online Claims Status Updated!

Learn how to check the status of your claims online.

8. Online Claims Correspondence/Webmail

Learn how to correspond with TriWest online regarding claims issues/inquiries and your secure account at

TriWest is continually improving the functionality on our secure website to better serve providers.
The secure website applications described in these demonstrations may change before these demonstrations are updated.

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